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Resistance of LMP7-deficient mice to infection with P. yoelii.

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posted on 20.03.2013, 13:14 by Xuefeng Duan, Takashi Imai, Bin Chou, Liping Tu, Kunisuke Himeno, Kazutomo Suzue, Makoto Hirai, Tomoyo Taniguchi, Hiroko Okada, Chikako Shimokawa, Hajime Hisaeda

(A) Parasitemia (two left panels) and survival ratio (right panel) was monitored in the indicated mice infected with PyL. Each symbol represents parasitemia from an individual mouse, and the numbers or “s” represent day of mouse death or mice survival, respectively. (B) Infection with PyNL was analyzed as in A. The right panel shows mean parasitemia+SD of seven WT (open circles) and LMP7-deficient (triangles) mice. *,# p<0.05 or p<0.01 indicate significant difference between WT and LMP7-deficient mice using the Student’s t-test, respectively. Similar results were obtained from three repeated experiments.


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