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Residue conservation mapped onto the VP1 subunit of CVA16 (residues 2:8 and 19:297 the disordered portion spanning these residues is shown by a dashed line) using Consurf (violet = invariant, white = conserved, blue = variable), based on the alignment of all the virus structures used in the inhibitor assays.

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posted on 20.10.2015, 02:51 authored by Luigi De Colibus, Xiangxi Wang, Aloys Tijsma, Johan Neyts, John A. B. Spyrou, Jingshan Ren, Jonathan M. Grimes, Gerhard Puerstinger, Pieter Leyssen, Elizabeth E. Fry, Zihe Rao, David I. Stuart

The N and C terimini are marked.