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Requirement of virus replication for accumulation of lipidated LC3.

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posted on 15.04.2014 by Francesca Arnoldi, Giuditta De Lorenzo, Miguel Mano, Elisabeth M. Schraner, Peter Wild, Catherine Eichwald, Oscar R. Burrone

A–B) Western blots of extracts from MA104 cells infected or not with antigenically intact inactivated RV particles (i-OSU or i-SA11, 13 hpi) and untreated or treated with MG132 (5 µM, added at 1 h before infection) in A and with CQ (50 µM, added at 1 h after infection) in B. Since virus inactivation was performed on crude preparations, equal amounts of lysates derived from non-infected cells were psoralen-treated and UV-exposed and used as mock-infection controls (i-mock). C) Western blot of extracts from MA104 cells transfected with the indicated siRNAs and infected with RV (OSU strain; MOI, 5; 13 hpi) at 48 h after transfection.