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Representative 2-DE gel pattern of soybean leaves at 72 h post-inoculation with B. maydis.

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posted on 2015-10-29, 02:51 authored by Yumei Dong, Yuan Su, Ping Yu, Min Yang, Shusheng Zhu, Xinyue Mei, Xiahong He, Manhua Pan, Youyong Zhu, Chengyun Li

For isoelectric focusing, a total of 500 μg/600 μL proteins were loaded onto each 24-cm IPG strip (pH 4–7). This was followed by SDS-PAGE on a 12.5% gel and Coomassie staining. 2-DE maps of proteins from untreated control leaves or leaves treated with B. maydis are shown. Proteins differentially regulated in response to B. maydis were numbered in pairs of control and treatment maps. The MW (kDa) and pI of each protein was determined using a 2-DE marker.