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Relevance of Sbp in a mouse catheter infection-model.

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posted on 2015-03-23, 06:15 authored by Rahel Decker, Christoph Burdelski, Melanie Zobiak, Henning Büttner, Gefion Franke, Martin Christner, Katharina Saß, Bernd Zobiak, Hanae A. Henke, Alexander R. Horswill, Markus Bischoff, Stephanie Bur, Torsten Hartmann, Carolyn R. Schaeffer, Paul D. Fey, Holger Rohde

Implanted catheter segments were injected with (A) 1457-M10, 1457-M10Δaap, 1457-M10Δsbp, and 1457-M10ΔaapΔsbp (n = 10 mice per strain) or (B) 1585 (n = 9 mice) and 1585Δsbp (n = 10 mice). Animals were sacrificed after 7 days and numbers of catheter adherent cells [CFU/ml] and bacteria from the peri-catheter tissue [CFU/g] were enumerated. n.s., not significant compared to the Sbp producing parent strain (1457-M10 or 1585, respectively).