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Relative transcriptional activity of vrgs and vags in BPSM bacteria recovered from mice lungs versus in vitro BPSM grown in virulent phase.

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posted on 2014-12-12, 02:50 authored by Regina Hoo, Jian Hang Lam, Ludovic Huot, Aakanksha Pant, Rui Li, David Hot, Sylvie Alonso

Mice were infected intranasally with approx. 5×106 CFU of BPSM and the bacteria were recovered from the mice lungs at different time points (3 hours, day 3 and day 7 p.i.). Bacterial RNA extracted and purified from group of 4 mice were pooled and subjected to real-time PCR analysis using primers mapping in the kpsT, vrg6, bvgA, fhaB and ptx genes. RecA gene was used as the endogenous control. Results are expressed as the average RQ ± SD of triplicate versus BPSM inoculum. Dotted line represents RQ equal to 1 relative to BPSM inoculum. Mock-infected mice were used as negative control. The data obtained with two biological replicates are shown. Please refer to S1 Table for Pearson correlation scores between the two independent sets.