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Relative transcript abundances of CvHsps of different developmental stage under thermal stress.

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posted on 2013-03-19, 07:45 authored by Min Shi, Ya-Na Wang, Ni Zhu, Xue-Xin Chen

The quantity of CvHsp mRNA is normalized to the abundance of Cv18SrRNA. Subsequently, the normalized value of each CvHsp is divided by the amount of the corresponding CvHsp at 24°C of each developmental stage, respectively. Columns topped by different letters indicate significantly different means within the relative transcript abundances of a given CvHsp gene under different temperatures by ANOVA analysis (p<0.05). A-G represents first-instar larva, early second-instar larva, later second-instar larva, third-instar larva, pupa, female adult and male adult, respectively.