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Relative size of optic tectum and nucleus rotundus.

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posted on 2014-03-12, 03:06 authored by Cristián Gutiérrez-Ibáñez, Andrew N. Iwaniuk, Bret A. Moore, Esteban Fernández-Juricic, Jeremy R. Corfield, Justin M. Krilow, Jeffrey Kolominsky, Douglas R. Wylie

Scatterplot of log-transformed volume of structures of the tectofugal pathway plotted as a function of the log-transformed brain volume minus the volume of the respective nuclei (A and C). The bar graphs show the relative size each nuclei relative to the brain represented as the mean of the residuals derived from the respective regressions (B and D). A–B, Scatterplot and bar graph for the the nucleus rotundus (nRt). C–D. Scatterplot and bar graph for the optic tectum (TeO).