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Relative quantification of AmelTwdl1, AmelTwd2 and Ampxd transcripts in different tissues of the Pbl pharate adult.

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posted on 2011-05-31, 00:00 authored by Michelle P. M. Soares, Fernanda A. Silva-Torres, Moysés Elias-Neto, Francis M. F. Nunes, Zilá L. P. Simões, Márcia M. G. Bitondi

The Amrp49 gene was used as endogenous control in real-time RT-PCR assays. The relative amount of transcripts is given by 2-ΔΔCT. Columns and bars represent means±SE of three independent samples prepared with each tissue. AmelTwdl1 transcript levels were significantly different among the tested tissues, with a higher expression in the gut (p = 0.002). Similarly, AmelTwdl2 showed a significantly higher expression in the gut than in integument and trachea (p = 0.010). In contrast, Ampxd showed a higher expression in integument than in the other tissues (p = 0.001). Statistical analysis was carried out with Jandel SigmaStat 3.1 software (Jandel Corporation, San Rafael, CA, USA). One Way Anova; post-hoc comparisons using Holm Sidak test p<0.05. Different letters above columns indicate statistical difference.