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Relative expression of IDO decreases in CDL patients after treatment and is correlated with IFNG.

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posted on 24.04.2012, 02:30 authored by Daniel Rodriguez-Pinto, Adriana Navas, Víctor Manuel Blanco, Lady Ramírez, Daniel Garcerant, Adriana Cruz, Noah Craft, Nancy Gore Saravia

RNA was isolated from biopsies of lesions from CDL patients (n = 11) before and after treatment and the expression of FOXP3 (A), IFNG (B), IL10 (C) and IDO (D) was measured by qRT-PCR. The expression of each gene relative to healthy skin of four normal controls was calculated using the ΔΔCT method. E. Correlation between the relative expression of IDO and FOXP3 (left panel) or IFNG (right panel). *p<0.05, Wilcoxon signed-rank test.