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Relationship between resistance to HuMoNAbs and changes in envelope targeted residues.

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posted on 2013-07-04, 01:32 authored by Mélanie Bouvin-Pley, Marion Morgand, Alain Moreau, Pauline Jestin, Claire Simonnet, Laurent Tran, Cécile Goujard, Laurence Meyer, Francis Barin, Martine Braibant

The 40 env sequences of viruses from historical (HP), intermediate (IP) and contemporary patients (CP) were aligned with the HXB2 reference sequence. Key residues targeted by b12, VRC01, VRC03 and/or NIH45-46 [A], PGT9, PG16 and/or PGT145 [B], and PGT121 and/or PGT128 [C] are presented. Identical residues are represented by dots. Conserved and non-conserved residues are in grey and black, respectively. Substitutions previously shown to confer neutralization resistance are in red. The neutralization sensitivity (IC50) of each HIV-1 variant is indicated for each HuMoNab. IC50 values are color coded with increasing darker colors used to indicate increasing neutralization sensitivity.