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Regulation of AHL-regulated genes of E. coli K-12 and EHEC in liquid cultures at 30°C containing either 1 µM oxo-C6 or the solvent control, EA.

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posted on 21.02.2013, 03:03 by Jessica L. Dyszel, Jitesh A. Soares, Matthew C. Swearingen, Amber Lindsay, Jenee N. Smith, Brian M. M. Ahmer

Luminescence in relative light units (RLU) and OD590 were measured using a Wallac Victor2 1420 multimode plate reader at the time intervals noted. Each strain was assayed in triplicate and error bars represent standard deviation. A) AL4001/JLD800 (gadW), B) JLD604/JLD803 (fliE), C) JLD605/JLD804 (gadE), D) JLD607/JLD806 (yhiD), E) JLD610 /JLD809 (hdeA).


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