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Regional PC Density.

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posted on 24.02.2014, 03:29 by Jerry Skefos, Christopher Cummings, Katelyn Enzer, Jarrod Holiday, Katrina Weed, Ezra Levy, Tarik Yuce, Thomas Kemper, Margaret Bauman

This graph demonstrates the findings from our linear mixed models (Table 2). Mean PC density was lower in the autism group in each region assayed, but this finding was most prominent in crus I and II (marked with *), where there was 19.8±9% and 21.7±9% lower PC densities, respectively (p = 0.039 and p = 0.032, t-test). (See the results of this test in Table 3). Lobule X PC density was lower in the males with autism (marked with ‡) than in control males (p = 0.05), and lower than female cases in the autism group (p = 0.022). Bars represent mean ± standard deviation. The number of subjects for each test from each diagnostic group and their gender are represented in the results tables (Tables 2 and 3).