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posted on 06.12.2013, 03:30 by Intikhab Alam, André Antunes, Allan Anthony Kamau, Wail Ba alawi, Manal Kalkatawi, Ulrich Stingl, Vladimir B. Bajic

This figure shows features (genes) for a region using coordinates (Contig3:198625-229704) from organism Haloplasma contractile (HLPCO). This region shows the cell Division and Cell Wall (DCW) biosynthesis gene cluster. An integrated genome browser view available via Region search results page, shows here the arrangement of genes in this region of the contig from HLPCO . The table below this section shows genome region, data export options, basic details of the feature (genes), type of features and their location on the genome. The create list by feature link saves this gene list in the data warehouse for further analysis. This list stays permanently if the user is logged in.