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Region of interest (ROI) at each level.

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posted on 2015-11-30, 02:59 authored by Go Shirota, Wataru Gonoi, Masanori Ishida, Hidemi Okuma, Yukako Shintani, Hiroyuki Abe, Yutaka Takazawa, Masako Ikemura, Masashi Fukayama, Kuni Ohtomo

The three ROIs that were analyzed in our study include the basal ganglia level, defined as the image in which the caudate nucleus, internal capsule, third ventricle, and sylvian fissures were visualized (A), centrum semiovale level defined as the image one slice above the lateral ventricular system (B), and high convexity level defined as the next image above the centrum semiovale level (C). In each case, cursor 1 is on the GM and cursor 2 is on the WM. The size of each ROI is 10 mm2.