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Recovery of A. baumannii sod2343 mutant from Galleria mellonella larvae is minor compared to parental strain.

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posted on 07.07.2014 by Magdalena Heindorf, Mahendar Kadari, Christine Heider, Evelyn Skiebe, Gottfried Wilharm

Groups of 10 larvae were injected with 1.5×106 CFU of ATCC 17978, ATCC 17978 sod2343::Km, and ATCC 17978 sod2343::Km pWHsod2343, respectively. Directly after injection of the 10 larvae within a group, the larvae were frozen at −80°C, homogenized and serial dilutions were plated on CHROMagar Acinetobacter to determine CFUs. Boxes indicate the 25–75% region, the median is indicated by a line in the box, the average is indicated by a small square, whiskers indicate maximum and minimum values, respectively.