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Ratios of Th1 over Treg cells and pro-inflammatory over regulatory cytokines.

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posted on 03.04.2009 by Michael Walther, David Jeffries, Olivia C. Finney, Madi Njie, Augustine Ebonyi, Susanne Deininger, Emma Lawrence, Alfred Ngwa-Amambua, Shamanthi Jayasooriya, Ian H. Cheeseman, Natalia Gomez-Escobar, Joseph Okebe, David J. Conway, Eleanor M. Riley

(A) Ratio of the mRNA level of the Th1 transcription factor T-BET over FOXP3 for uncomplicated and severe cases during the acute phase (D0) and convalescence (D28) as determined by RT-PCR. Plasma levels for (B) IFN-γ, (C) TNF-α, and (D) IL-10 measured with a bioplex system and the ratios of (E) IFN-γ/IL-10 protein as well as (F) TNF-α/IL-10 protein on day 0. (NB: Protein ratios could not be calculated for Day 28, since cytokine concentrations were rarely above the detection limit of the assay. In Figure 5E and 5F only ratios for samples that had detectable responses for both cytokines on Day 0 are shown) Symbols, bars and p-values as defined in Figure 1.