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Ratios between average IDL and LDL metabolism parameters after dietary MCFA supplementation versus linoleic acid supplementation.

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posted on 2014-07-21, 15:37 authored by Daniël B. van Schalkwijk, Wilrike J. Pasman, Henk F. J. Hendriks, Elwin R. Verheij, Carina M. Rubingh, Kees van Bochove, Wouter H. J. Vaes, Martin Adiels, Andreas P. Freidig, Albert A. de Graaf

LDL performance is the average of the two ratios shown to the sides. “fl/particle” is the unit of all three ratios. * Indicates a significant difference in two-way ANOVA between MCFA and linoleic acid supplementation, with p<0.05. p-values of the significant measures are: uptake/influx in IDL and LDL (p = 0.011); LDL performance (p = 0.010).