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Raf43 is involved in ABA response.

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posted on 2015-07-29, 03:44 authored by Nasar Virk, Dayong Li, Limei Tian, Lei Huang, Yongbo Hong, Xiaohui Li, Yafen Zhang, Bo Liu, Huijuan Zhang, Fengming Song

(A) Seed germination rates on 1/2 MS supplemented with 0, 1 and 2 μM of ABA. Seed germination was recorded when the radicles emerged completely from seed coat. (B) Root length of seedlings grown on 1/2 MS supplemented with 0 and 1.5 μM of ABA. (C) and (D) Root phenotype of seedlings grown on 1/2 MS supplemented with 0 and 1.5 μM of ABA. (E) Expression of stress-responsive and ABA biosynthesis-related genes in WS-0 and raf43-1 plants. Leaf samples were collected form four-week-old soil-grown plants for analyzing gene expression through qRT-PCR. Expression data were normalized by the transcript level of Ubiquitin. The expression levels of Raf43 in wild type Ws-0 plants was set as 1 and the levels in raf43 mutant plants are shown as folds of the levels in wild type plants. Experiments were repeated three times and data presented in (A), (B) and (E) are the means ± standard errors from three independent experiments. Different letters above the columns indicate significant difference at p = 0.05 between Ws-0 and raf43-1 plants and between Col-0 and Raf43-overexpressing plants.