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Radiosensitivity of parental and established radioresistant sublines.

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posted on 19.05.2014, 03:22 authored by Mohd Yasser, Rubina Shaikh, Murali Krishna Chilakapati, Tanuja Teni

(A) Clonogenic cell survival curve. UPCI:SCC029B parental cells, 50Gy-UPCI:SCC029B intermediate radioresistant cells and 70Gy-UPCI:SCC029B final radioresistant cells. Data is represented as percentage survival of cells with mean (±SD) of three independent experiments. One-way ANOVA statistical analysis was performed on surviving fractions at the given doses, p<0.01 & 0.001. (B) Expression of radioresistance markers in radioresistant oral sublines. Western blotting for Cox-2, Bcl-2, Mcl-1 and Survivin proteins; β-Actin is used as loading control. Densitometry analysis of western blots from three separate experiments is shown below, bars represent mean ± s.d. * represent protein expression compared to parental cell line, while # represent protein expression compared between 50Gy-UPCI:SCC029B and 70Gy-UPCI:SCC029B sublines (p<0.05).