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Rab subfamilies in or dataset.

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posted on 2011-10-13, 01:21 authored by Yoan Diekmann, Elsa Seixas, Marc Gouw, Filipe Tavares-Cadete, Miguel C. Seabra, José B. Pereira-Leal

Number of different Rab subfamilies found in our dataset. Human sf. are shown in blue, and other known sf. in orange. The last four categories are hypothetical subfamilies we propose in the context of this paper (see Materials and Methods for details on the procedure): subfamilies whose members span more than one taxon (red), those spanning more than on genome (green), subfamilies with several members yet only present in one organism (brown) and finally singletons (grey) which are not similar to any other known Rab. All members and subfamilies can be browsed in our website at Abbreviations: hypothetical (hypo.), subfamily (sf.).