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posted on 20.02.2013, 11:39 by Michael T. Bowen, Dean S. Carson, Adena Spiro, Jonathon C. Arnold, Iain S. McGregor

Results from the RT-PCR and ELISA conducted on the 10 rats (5 OT, 5 VEH) randomly selected 21 days after the cessation of 10 consecutive days of once per day treatments with either 1 mg/kg OT or equivalent VEH saline. A. Fold change (±SE) in OT and OTR mRNA expression in the OT pre-treated subjects compared to VEH. B. Mean (+SEM) blood plasma concentration of OT (pg/ml) in the OT and VEH pre-treated subjects. *Significant fold change, p<0.05. + Trend towards significant difference compared to VEH, p = 0.057.