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ROP16 controls STAT6-dependent arginase-1 synthesis.

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posted on 08.09.2011, 02:23 by Barbara A. Butcher, Barbara A. Fox, Leah M. Rommereim, Sung Guk Kim, Kirk J. Maurer, Felix Yarovinsky, De'Broski R. Herbert, David J. Bzik, Eric Y. Denkers

(A) Bone marrow-derived MØ were infected with RH, ΔROP16 and ΔROP16:1 tachyzoites (3: 1 ratio of parasites to cells), then at the indicated times (hr) post-infection total cell lysates were subjected to Western blotting with phospho-STAT6 antibody. Blots were successively stripped and re-probed with antibodies to total STAT6, arginase-1 (Arg-1) and GAPDH. (B and C) Bone marrow-derived MØ were infected with RH (B) or ΔROP16 (C), then 24 hr later cells were fixed and subjected to immunofluorescence staining for arginase-1 expression. Red, arginase-1; green, Toxoplasma; blue, nucleus. (D) Stat6−/− and Stat6+/+ bone marrow-derived MØ were infected with the indicated parasite strains, then lysed and subjected to Western blot analysis with anti-Arg-1 antibody. Blots were subsequently stripped and re-probed with a GAPDH-specific antibody. These experiments were performed 3 times with the same result.