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posted on 30.09.2013, 03:06 authored by Clemens C. Cyran, Philipp M. Kazmierczak, Heidrun Hirner, Matthias Moser, Michael Ingrisch, Lukas Havla, Alexandra Michels, Ralf Eschbach, Bettina Schwarz, Maximilian F. Reiser, Christiane J. Bruns, Konstantin Nikolaou

Axial contrast-enhanced CT of an animal after 7 days of regorafenib monotherapy (A). Note the subcutaneous tumor xenograft in the left lateral flank. For measurements of tumor microperfusion, a ROI (red lined area) was drawn using semiquantitative AUC maps (B). Note the right lateral flank colored red due to a skinfold artifact.