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RNA expression pattern of the bcl-2 family genes in the testis.

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posted on 2013-01-02, 01:30 authored by Yongning Lu, Sudhanshu Bhushan, Svetlin Tchatalbachev, Marcelo Marconi, Martin Bergmann, Wolfgang Weidner, Trinad Chakraborty, Andreas Meinhardt

The expression of the anti-apoptotic gene bcl-2 (A), pro-apoptotic genes bax (B), bid (C), bim (D) and bak (E) in the testis were determined with quantitative real time PCR. Target gene expression levels were normalized with the endogenous control ß-2-microglobulin (ß2M). Data are present as 2ΔCt, ΔCt = Cttarget gene-Ctß2M. The Mann-Whitney U test was employed for statistical analysis (* p<0.05). Each single symbol (circle and triangle) represents one individual testis sample.