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RNA editing efficiency is highly regulated between different areas of the nervous system.

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posted on 23.11.2010, 01:52 by Claudia Colina, Juan Pablo Palavicini, Deepa Srikumar, Miguel Holmgren, Joshua J. C. Rosenthal

(A) An example of the fluorescent poison-primer extension assay [26] used to measure the frequency of the I877V edit in the giant fiber lobe (GFL; giant axon system) and the optic lobe (OL) neurons. (B) Cumulative results from a broad range of tissues (all numbers are expressed as mean ± s.d. N = 4 for each tissue). To determine the editing efficiency of all four editing sites in different tissues, the full-length SqNaKα1 cDNA was amplified using cDNA specific to different regions of the Loligo nervous system [42],[43] and then used as a template for the assay.


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