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RMI (A) and LM (B-D).

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posted on 15.10.2013, 03:34 by Marta Solé, Marc Lenoir, Mercè Durfort, Manel López-Bejar, Antoni Lombarte, Michel André

Decapods statocyst location in the cephalic cartilage. A: Coronal view –anterior section- of squid (L. vulgaris) head. B, C: Photomicrograps of decapod statocyst structure. Upper view in the opened Loligo vulgaris statocyst. B shows the statocyt attached to the macula statica princeps and a statoconia attached to the superior macula neglecta. In C the statocyst was removed and the macula statica princeps is visible. D: L. vulgaris statolith. (B: Brain, cc: cranial cartilage, e: eye, es: oesophagus, m: mouth, psg: posteror salivary gland, st: statocyst. ST: Statolith. Sc: statoconia. M: Macula statica princeps). Scale bars: A = 2 cm. B, C = 2 mm. D =1 mm.


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