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RC diagram of the cell cycle data by Cho et al. using motifs as predictors.

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posted on 2009-06-19, 01:17 authored by Yuanyuan Xiao, Mark R. Segal

Each column is an RC with the original cluster numbers designated by PAM indicated in the middle. Note cluster 1, which contains 599 genes, is designated as a null cluster and not shown. The top section of the graph shows the average expression profile of the genes in a specific RC, which is clustered based on Pearson correlation and average linkage. The magnitude of the expression in log2-ratios can be read off from the color bar at the top right hand side. The bottom section depicts signature motifs in the corresponding RC. The color red indicates enrichment by a Chi-square test of association; the color blue corresponds to the depletion . The color bar at the lower right hand side is in scale and the color signals the direction of the test.