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Quantitative analysis of mCherry and GFP fluorescence of Pbred c507 parasites.

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posted on 27.08.2013 by Marion Hliscs, Carolin Nahar, Friedrich Frischknecht, Kai Matuschewski

(A) Distribution of fluorescence intensities in a representative trophozoite (upper left), ookinete (upper right), salivary gland sporozoite (lower left), and mature liver stage (lower right). Micrographs represent DIC, mCherry and GFP channels with indicated parasite “mask” (yellow), used for fluorescence determination. The point chart displays associated distribution of grey values (brightness) in numbers of pixels for each channel. (B) Quantification of Hsp70/1-mCherry and EF1a-GFP fluorescence in mixed blood stages (n = 12), ookinetes (ook; n = 13), salivary gland sporozoites (spz; n = 4) and extra-erythrocytic liver stages from 24 to 72 h post infection (eef; n = 7). Fluorescence intensities are presented as the mean of grey values for each fluorescent channel (± S.E.M.). *, P<0.05; **, P<0.01; ***, P<0.001 (unpaired students t-test).