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Quantitative analysis of active Kr transcription at cycle 14A.

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posted on 2013-04-30, 01:05 authored by Junbo Liu, Jun Ma

(A–D) Shown are diagrams to illustrate the status of active Kr transcription for individual nuclei in embryos at T1 to T4, respectively. See Fig. 4 legend for color code. Here nascent Kr transcripts were detected by an intronic probe. (E–H) Shown are ρ profiles as a function of x/L from panels A–D, respectively. (I) Shown are the mean ρ profiles as a function of x/L at early nuclear cycle 14A. The adjacent T time classes differ by ∼5 min (see Fig. 2A). (J) Shown are ρpeak values for individual embryos in different T time classes. The mean and standard deviation are: 0.51±0.23, 0.53±0.11, 0.55±0.16, 0.50±0.11 for T1 to T4, respectively. There is no significant difference between any pairs of two values according to Student’s t-tests.