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Quantile-quantile plot of p-values from association tests in the hypothesized case-control study in which cases from the CBCS and controls from the MEC are used.

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posted on 20.02.2013, 23:41 by Gary K. Chen, Robert C. Millikan, Esther M. John, Christine B. Ambrosone, Leslie Bernstein, Wei Zheng, Jennifer J. Hu, Stephen J. Chanock, Regina G. Ziegler, Elisa V. Bandera, Brian E. Henderson, Christopher A. Haiman, Daniel O. Stram

The plotted values indicate adjustment for 0 (uncorrected heavy solid line), 1 (dashed line), 10 (dotted line) and 200 (thin solid line) eigenvectors, by using these components in the calculation of .