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Quantification of HSV1 proteins, β-amyloid and abnormal tau phosphorylation in HSV1-infected cells after acyclovir treatment.

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posted on 20.02.2013, 14:01 by Matthew A. Wozniak, Alison L. Frost, Chris M. Preston, Ruth F. Itzhaki

Vero cells were infected with HSV1 SC16 at an MOI of 1 for 16 hours. Cells were treated with 0 µM, 50 µM, 100 µM or 200 µM acyclovir (ACV), which was present throughout infection. After fixation the slides were tested for HSV1 proteins, β-amyloid (Aβ) accumulation and abnormal tau phosphorylation (AT100) using immunocytochemistry and the amount of staining was quantified using Image J. Values are expressed as a percentage of staining produced when no antiviral is used. For HSV1 proteins (A) and abnormal tau phosphorylation (C), there is a statistically significant decrease in staining for all concentrations of ACV tested compared to the staining in cells infected but not treated with ACV (p<0.0001 in both cases). For Aβ (B), there is a statistically significant decrease in staining with 100 µM ACV and 200 µM only (p<0.0001). ANOVA was used to test for significance. The results are a combination of two independent experiments.