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Pygmy grasshoppers respond differently to sibling versus non-sibling individuals.

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posted on 28.05.2010, 02:00 by Sofia Caesar, Magnus Karlsson, Anders Forsman

(A) Antenna movement activity by pygmy grasshopper nymphs and adults exposed to scent from siblings versus non-siblings. Figure shows percentage of time (60 sec) that the focal individual moved its antenna. (B) Inter-individual distances in an 8.5 cm diameter Petri-dish for different pairs of interacting pygmy grasshopper individuals that are either siblings or non-siblings, with separate values for males and females. The dotted horizontal reference line represents the average inter-individual distance computed for 1000 pairs of randomized positions along the periphery of an 8.5 cm diameter circular arena. Figures show mean±1 SE. Numbers indicate sample size in each category.


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