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Protocol of sensitization and ASIT with OVA or sOVA.

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posted on 2015-08-14, 03:44 authored by Nadezda Shershakova, Elena Bashkatova, Alexander Babakhin, Sergey Andreev, Alexandra Nikonova, Igor Shilovsky, Oleg Kamyshnikov, Andrey Buzuk, Olga Elisyutina, Elena Fedenko, Musa Khaitov

Mice were sensitized with OVA (100 μg) or saline applied at 100 μl to a sterile patch. The patch was applied for 1-wk and then removed. ASIT was performed between the 1st and 2nd OVA applications by SC injection of increasing doses of OVA (a), sOVA (b), or PBS (as control). After ASIT, the mice had two 1-wk exposures to a patch separated by 2-wk intervals. The control group received PBS at the same time.