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Protection is associated with CSP-specific CD8+ T cells responses.

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posted on 2012-11-02, 00:06 authored by Frédéric Coutant, Raul Yusef Sanchez David, Tristan Félix, Aude Boulay, Laxmee Caleechurn, Philippe Souque, Catherine Thouvenot, Catherine Bourgouin, Anne-Sophie Beignon, Pierre Charneau

Immune correlates of protection against malaria were studied by plotting day 28 post-challenge immunity and day 9 post-challenge parasitemia as X and Y variables and using the Spearman test (the rs and p values are shown) and linear regression (r2 is shown) (Figure 6A). Immune responses in challenged mice were compared 28 days post-challenged between the vaccine candidates and their level of protection (fully (•) or partially (○) protected NILV immunized animals in red) by S9I/Kd tetramer staining and IFNg elispot assay with splenocytes and liver cells and elisa (Figure 6B). Means and SD are shown. The Kruskal-Wallis test was used to compare 3 or 4 groups, followed by a Dunn’s post-test.


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