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Proportion of malaria naïve volunteers acquiring IgG against RIFIN antigens after controlled experimental P. falciparum infections.

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posted on 12.12.2011, 01:11 authored by Louise Turner, Christian W. Wang, Thomas Lavstsen, Steven B. Mwakalinga, Robert W. Sauerwein, Cornelus C. Hermsen, Thor G. Theander

The percentage of malaria infected volunteers with a measurable IgG response against eight RIFIN malaria antigens on day 21 (N = 34) and/or day 35, 42 or 90 (N = 30) post infection in descending order. The grouping of RIFINs was according to Wang et al. [45]. V2: Variable domain 2, the putative extracellular polymorphic region defined by Cheng et al. [15]. In total 44 volunteers were included (Table S1) and the IgG response was measured by bead-based Luminex technology.