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Proportion of fixations on relevant items for the first five fixations in each trial in experiment 2.

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posted on 05.01.2016, 14:53 authored by Günter KuglerGünter Kugler, Bernard Marius ‘t Hart, Stefan Kohlbecher, Wolfgang Einhäuser, Erich Schneider

Left: relevant items are of one color, middle: relevant items are of two colors, right: relevant items are of three colors. The same general pattern as seen in Fig 6 can be observed for each number of relevant colors in the array. The first fixation following a negative cue of one irrelevant color (leaving three relevant colors) might be guided towards this color–it is the only average that is below chance level–but this is not significant. Positive cues immediately guide participants’ gaze toward relevant items. Negative cues also provide correct guidance, but this develops more slowly than for positive cues.


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