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Properties of adjusted IgG anti-brain reactivity in terms of PCA factor 1 scores.

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posted on 21.02.2013, 12:35 by Vincent Guiyedi, Youri Chanseaud, Constantin Fesel, Georges Snounou, Jean-Claude Rousselle, Pharat Lim, Jean Koko, Abdelkader Namane, Pierre-André Cazenave, Maryvonne Kombila, Sylviane Pied

A. Relationship to total plasma IgG concentration, and dissection into three subgroups : α (IgG<25 mg/ml; F1<0.5), β (IgG<25 mg/ml; F1>0.5), δ (IgG>25 mg/ml; F1<0.5). B. Frequencies of patients above one year of age in each group, over the three subgroups. C. Groupwise distribution of PCA factor-1 scores among patients older than one year, with horizontal bars indicating median values. The significance of the difference between patients with CM and with non cerebral clinical malaria (UM+SNCM) is indicated.


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