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Prognostic significance of RPH3AL LOH.

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posted on 12.06.2015, 03:59 authored by Balananda-Dhurjati Kumar Putcha, Xu Jia, Venkat Rao Katkoori, Chura Salih, Chandrakumar Shanmugam, Trafina Jadhav, Liselle C. Bovell, Michael P. Behring, Tom Callens, Ludwine Messiaen, Sejong Bae, William E. Grizzle, Karan P. Singh, Upender Manne

Kaplan-Meier survival analyses of (A) LOH at 17p13.3 locus of RPH3AL, (B) LOH at 17p13.1 locus of the TP53, and (C) combinations of LOH at RPH3AL and TP53, and (D) survival proportions of patients with LOH at both RPH3AL and TP53 loci versus the patients without LOH at both loci. Log-rank P-values and the number of patients at risk (N) in each group at different time periods. Positivity of RPH3AL LOH, but not TP53 LOH, was associated with patient poor survival. Patients with LOH positivity at both RPH3AL and TP53 loci had poor survival relative to patients with LOH at TP53 and without LOH at RPH3AL (P = 0.008) as well as those that were LOH negative at both loci (P = 0.014). Also, the subgroup with LOH positive at RPH3AL and LOH negative at TP53 locus had poor survival, similar to the patients that were positive at both loci (P = 0.101), suggesting that RPH3AL LOH is associated with patient prognosis.