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Primary sequence analysis of four SSB proteins.

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posted on 19.02.2013, 16:31 by Haiyan Shi, Yonghui Zhang, Guohui Zhang, Jinlei Guo, Xun Zhang, Haiyan Song, Jianxin Lv, Jimin Gao, Yuepeng Wang, Litian Chen, Yue Wang

The amino-acid sequences of TTH, BL21, KOD and SSOB SSB proteins (NCBI access number: AP008226, AM946981, GM017008, and NP_343725, respectively) were aligned using a multiple alignment program for amino acid or nucleotide sequences ( The structure of the DNA-binding domain was marked according to reference 3. The conserved DNA-binding sites (amino acids labelled in red) were identified by the NCBI CD-Search & Batch CD-Search online programs. One dot represents a semi-conserved amino acid change, two dots represent a conserved amino acid change, and stars represent identical amino acids. All SSB proteins were abbreviated by the nomenclature of their ancestor bacteria.