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Predictions for Gp120 plotted on the protein structure including bound antibody.

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posted on 27.12.2012, 02:00 authored by Jens Vindahl Kringelum, Claus Lundegaard, Ole Lund, Morten Nielsen

Each residue in the structure is colored from blue to red according to its DiscoTope-2.0 score. Blue indicates low scores (predicted to be non-epitope residue) and red indicates high scores (predicted to be epitope residue). Yellow indicates possible glycosylation sites retrieved from UNIPROT accession number P04578 ( a) Gp120 surface representation and antibody cartoon representation. b) Gp120 and antibody cartoon representation. Note, the red alpha-1 helix, which is normally buried in the inner domain of Gp120 involved in Gp41∶Gp120 complex formation, is exposed in the crystal structure.


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