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Prediction of breast cancer outcome using a fulvestrant-resistant gene signature identified by our ZF-TF-based approach.

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posted on 19.07.2011, 01:37 by Jeongeun Lee, Andrew S. Hirsh, Ben S. Wittner, Morgan L. Maeder, Rajasekhar Singavarapu, Magdalena Lang, Sailajah Janarthanan, Ultan McDermott, Vijay Yajnik, Sridhar Ramaswamy, J. Keith Joung, Dennis C. Sgroi

Patients were stratified using a metagene that was formed by averaging the expression of the 72 genes constituting the common signature for the fulvestrant resistance phenotype (i.e., the genes of cluster 5 in Fig. 3A). Tumors with metagene values below the median were defined as the “fulvestrant-resistant metagene” and the others as the “fulvestrant-sensitive metagene.” Kaplan-Meier curves for distant metastasis-free survival or death-from-relapse-free survival using the metagene are based on clinical data described by (A) Wang et al., N = 286 [28], (B) van de Vijver et al., N = 295 [29], (C) Chin et al., N = 130 [30], (D) Miller et al., N = 251 [31] and (E) Sotiriou et al., N = 189 [32]. p-values are one-sided.