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Predicted bifurcation diagrams for the feedback system between macrophytes and phytoplankton in a shallow lake using 100 recoveries at two pre-bifurcation conditions.

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posted on 2015-09-10, 03:09 authored by Kiran D’Souza, Bogdan I. Epureanu, Mercedes Pascual

The exact bifurcation diagram with both the stable (solid line) and unstable (dashed line) branches are shown in each plot. Transient data were collected at two locations (indicated by labels X) in the pre-bifurcation regime. The predicted post-bifurcation regime is shown by the standard deviation error bars for 100 separate noisy realizations for macrophyte cover with (a) 10% noise, (b) 20% noise, and (c) 30% noise, and vertical light attenuation with (d) 10% noise, (e) 20% noise, (f) 30% noise.