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PrPD detection in hamster, white-tailed deer and muntjac by IHC.

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posted on 01.11.2013, 02:44 by Alan M. Elder, Davin M. Henderson, Amy V. Nalls, Jason M. Wilham, Byron W. Caughey, Edward A. Hoover, Anthony E. Kincaid, Jason C. Bartz, Candace K. Mathiason

PrPD immunoreactivity in a spinal cord tissue section from a hamster 16 weeks after extranasal inoculation with HY-TME (A) detected with antibody 3F4 and ABC solution. PrPD immunoreactivity in the brainstem of CWD-infected white-tailed deer (C) and muntjac (E) detected with antibody BAR224 and AEC substrate. No immunoreactivity was seen in the corresponding tissues of mock-inoculated controls (B, D and F). The boxed areas are enlarged 10x in the insets. Scale bar = 200µm.


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