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Potency and kinetics of armed virus, ColoAd1-GFP.

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posted on 2013-02-21, 10:11 authored by Irene Kuhn, Paul Harden, Maxine Bauzon, Cecile Chartier, Julie Nye, Steve Thorne, Tony Reid, Shaoheng Ni, Andre Lieber, Kerry Fisher, Len Seymour, Gabor M. Rubanyi, Richard N. Harkins, Terry W. Hermiston

MTS assays were performed on ColoAd1 and ColoAd1-GFP on A) the colon tumor cell line, HT-29 and B) the primary endothelial cells, HUVEC. The reporter gene, GFP, is expressed with late kinetics (ie., is dependent upon the initiation of viral DNA replication for expression) as defined by expression C) only in the absence of AraC and D) lack of expression in the presence of AraC.