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Positive Linear Regression of Auditory Cortical Deactivation with Cognitive Performance (MMSE) in All Participants

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posted on 2013-02-22, 08:58 authored by Alexander Drzezga, Timo Grimmer, Martin Peller, Marc Wermke, Hartwig Siebner, Josef P Rauschecker, Markus Schwaiger, Alexander Kurz

Left: results are superimposed on a standard MRI template. Yellow indicates a significant relationship of cerebral deactivation with the MMSE: (A) axial slice, cranial aspect; (B) coronal slice, dorsal aspect (results are displayed at p < 0.005, for illustration purposes).

Right: Regression analysis (red indicates regression line) of the fitted and adjusted rCBF response (blue points, arbitrary units) to active navigation in relation to the MMSE score at the position of the significant cluster (Talairach coordinates x, −56; y, −14; z, −2; p < 0.001, uncorrected).


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