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Positions in E1/E2 sequence that show the most significant changes in response to antibody treatment.

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posted on 23.06.2014, 02:55 by Gregory J. Babcock, Sowmya Iyer, Heidi L. Smith, Yang Wang, Kirk Rowley, Donna M. Ambrosino, Phillip D. Zamore, Brian G. Pierce, Deborah C. Molrine, Zhiping Weng

Left: Median-shifted chi-square statistic values of the top 15 amino acid positions across E1 and E2 that show the most difference in average chi-square statistic between MBL-HCV1- and placebo-treated subjects. Placebo subject J was unable to be analyzed due to post-rebound viral titers <10,000 IU/ml. The chi-square statistic quantifies changes in amino acid distributions between day 0 and day of rebound for each subject in each position across the genome. A higher statistic represents a larger change in the amino acid distribution (darker red in heatmap). Positions labeled in green are those within the MBL-HCV1 epitope. Positions labeled in blue are known to participate in CD81 binding. Positions in pink belong to the E1 sequence. Right: Differences in mean chi-square statistic between MBL-HCV1-treated and placebo patients. Note that change in position 415 is most significant being 10-fold higher than the second-ranked position 417.