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Positional Bias of LaeA-Regulated Gene Expression

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posted on 2007-04-13, 00:23 authored by Robyn M Perrin, Natalie D Fedorova, Jin Woo Bok, Robert A Cramer Jr., Jennifer R Wortman, H. Stanley Kim, William C Nierman, Nancy P Keller

Left, chromosomes of A. fumigatus with secondary metabolite gene clusters indicated as bars and clusters numbered as indicated in Table 2. Arrows indicate clusters that are completely or partially regulated by LaeA. Graphs to the right of each chromosome show normalized expression ratio values of ΔlaeA versus wild-type plotted by chromosomal position. Each point represents the average value of ten contiguous loci. The gap on Chromosome 4 indicates a region of the genome not included in the microarray that contains the rRNA gene cluster. Positive values correspond to reduced expression in ΔlaeA and negative values correspond to increased expression in ΔlaeA.


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