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Population model of the high kainate activity with IPSPs blocked.

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posted on 2008-09-05, 00:39 authored by Mark A. Kramer, Anita K. Roopun, Lucy M. Carracedo, Roger D. Traub, Miles A. Whittington, Nancy J. Kopell

(A) Cartoon representation of the model with all inhibitory synapses removed. (B) The spiking activity of the superficial and deep layer cells in the model. We note the increased synchrony of the deep layer activity compared to that observed under normal conditions. (C) Power spectra of the in vitro slice preparations under control conditions and following application of 250 nM of gabazine. The power is expressed in units of V2/Hz. Below each power spectrum we show example LFP traces; the vertical and horizontal lines at the bottom left indicate 50 µV and 100 ms, respectively. (D) The average power spectra of the RS cells (green) and IB cell axons (dark red) in the model following IPSP block. For comparison, we also plot the average IB power spectrum in the original model (light red). The deep layer beta2 power increases following the elimination of all IPSPs.


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