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Pooled siRNAs demonstrate greater knockdown efficacy than single siRNAs.

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posted on 20.02.2013, 05:26 by Ruojing Yang, Raul G. Lacson, Gino Castriota, Xiaohua D. Zhang, Yaping Liu, Wenqing Zhao, Monica Einstein, Luiz Miguel Camargo, Sajjad Qureshi, Kenny K. Wong, Bei B. Zhang, Marc Ferrer, Joel P. Berger

Comparison of the ability of transfected pooled vs. single siRNAs to A. knockdown target gene mRNA levels and B. reduce G6PC mRNA levels in AH-G6PC cells incubated with Dex/cAMP and 10 nM insulin for 6 h. Black bars are pooled siRNA samples; grey bars are single siRNA samples. Data are presented as fold changes relative to mRNA expression in siControl-transfected cells and are the means of 3 independent experiments for A and B.


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